Crew Announcement

We are delighted to announce the 2017 OUWLRC Blue Boat:

Stroke: Laure Bonfils (St Hugh’s)
7:  Moyo Tian (Balliol)
6: Joanna Heymann (New College)
5: Danielle Edmunds (Lincoln)
4: Rachel Anderson (St Cross)
3: Livia Dewaele (Worcester)
2: Lucy Cross (Lincoln)
Bow: Hannah Patel (Linacre)
Cox: Cecilia Karlsson (St John’s)

and the Reserve Pair:

Maline Meiske (St Anthony’s)
Christina Turner (St Edmund Hall)

The squad will be staying at 25 Rotherfield Road, Henley-on-Thames RG9 1NR. We are looking forward to seeing all the Oxford supporters at Henley on the 26th of March!




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