2018 Boat Race report

amid winter-like weather, the Henley Boat Races were moved to Dorney Lake. Sowon Lee, BB cox, writes:

Spectators huddle in small groups, stamping their feet on the frozen ground. Only the most dedicated supporters have braved the snow and wind to cheer on their favourite Blues at the 2018 Henley Boat Races (at Dorney Lake).

Oxford are ready. They back onto the start line and point their bow expertly. The wind swings the two crews around, and they’re off—Oxford charging ahead with the quickest start of their season. As the crews settle to race pace, Cambridge edge into a two seat lead, but cannot escape from Oxford who have found their rhythm. Down the course, the two crews battle for dominance: Cambridge make a push and get almost a length ahead, but Oxford strike back and reclaim the seats until the crews are back where they started. With Cambridge still holding on to their two seat lead, Oxford goes all in—they sprint early and it’s a wild chase to the finish, rates spiralling higher and higher. At the last moment, Cambridge surge forward another two seats and cross the line half a length ahead. The verdict: 2 seconds.

Defeat is bitter, but we rowed the best race we could have on that day. We have no regrets, only next year to look forward to.

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