Race Report: British Rowing Senior Championships 2018

Following the cancellation of the 2017 Senior Championships, the 2018 competition took place under sunny but breezy conditions at the National Watersport Centre in Nottingham.  OUWLRC had 5 crews competing across the two competition days (three LW2xs on Saturday and a LW4x and W8+ on Sunday).

On Saturday, the three doubles finished 16th, 22nd and 24th in the time trial, placing them all in the C/D Semi Finals.  Ellie & Naomi finished 3rd in their semi final, placing them in the C final, with both Amanda & Anneloes and Oriane & Grace racing in the D final.  All three crews battled increasingly windy and chopping conditions to finish 18th, 23rd and 24th overall.  Ellie & Naomi placed as the second highest lightweight 2x, with Amanda and Anneloes placing 3rd in the same category.  Grace and Oriane placed 5th in a highly competitive U23 lightweight 2x field of 8 crews.

Sunday’s crews consisted of a lightweight 4x and an 8+, both finished just outside the A/B semi final times in the time trial, and won their respective C/D semi finals to place in optimal lane positions for their C final.  The breeze dropped just in time for both crews to race their final races, with both in contention for wins in their respective categories.  In their final, the 8+ rowed through crews from Oxford Brookes and Nottingham to take 1st place in their final to place 13th overall, and a win in the Women’s 8+ University Shield in a time of 7:25, setting a new record for the category.  The 4x also won their final, placing 13th overall and winning the Lightweight Women’s 4x Shield in a time of 7:42.


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— The W8+ crew being awarded the W8+ University Shield —

— Photo taken by Jill Betts —

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Crew Lists:

LW 2x: Ellie Watts, Naomi Holland — 2nd placed Women’s LW 2x, Final ranking: 18th of all Women’s 2x’s

LW U23 2x: Grace Joel, Oriane Grant — 5th placed Women’s U23 LW 2x, Final ranking: 24th of all Women’s 2x’s

LW 2x: Amanda Thomas, Anneloes Hoff — 3rd placed Women’s LW 2x, Final ranking: 23rd of all Women’s 2x’s

LW 4x: Ellie Watts, Naomi Holland, Grace Joel, Amanda Thomas — Winners of the Women’s Lightweight Quad, Final ranking: 13th in all W4x’s

8+: Jolet Mimpen (C), Fiona Jamieson, Brigitte Schmittlein, Emily Hinson, Grace Hanna, Leah Mitchell, Caitlin O’Brien, Katherine Ferris, Tuuli-Anna Huikuri — Winners of the Women’s 8+ University Shield (for non-HPP), Final ranking 13th in all W8+’s