OUWLRC Crew Announcement 2019

We are delighted to announce the 2019 OUWLRC Blue Boat and Reserve Pair to represent Oxford at the Oxford-Cambridge Lightweight Boat Races in Henley on Saturday 30th March 2019:

Cox: Jolet Mimpen (Green Templeton)
Stroke: Fiona Jamieson (Corpus Christi)
7: Grace Hanna (Exeter)
6: Ellie Watts (Wolfson)
5: Naomi Holland (Christ Church) (President)
4: Grace Joel (Balliol)
3: Katie Hurt (Corpus Christi)
2: Leah Mitchell (Balliol)
Bow: Katherine Ferris (Trinity)

Reserve Pair: Caitlin O’Brien (Jesus), Emily Hinson (St Hugh’s)

We are looking forward to seeing all the Oxford supporters in Henley on the 30th March!

Find out more about the races on our Facebook event