Boston Marathon

15th September 2019

After rowing a marathon on the erg for their EUSA fundraiser, Naomi and Anneloes thought it would be fun to also row one on the water, so they entered the notorious Boston Marathon, a race of 49.2 km from Lincoln to Boston (UK).

Naomi, Mx2x:
It makes for an interesting change of pace to come straight out of a high-intensity training programme preparing to race at EUSA and into a 49.2km race in a mixed double scull with your partner after two training sessions together in an unfamiliar boat. Coach Chris O’ had given some detailed advice on the rigging and gearing of blades for a mixed double in a long distance race; sadly the subtleties were somewhat wasted on us, since one of the gate pins on the boat was bent and due to the weight distribution the boat sat at an alarming angle in the water. Nonetheless we soldiered on, and on two occasions decided to add a cross-training element to the race by climbing out of the boat to go for a short swim and disentangle weeds that had jammed the rudder to one side. Despite these adventures, it was amazing to finish as the 15th fastest boat of the day and to gain a new “most calories burned” and “longest distance” on Polar Flow!

Anneloes, LW1x:
‘You’ve got to row it to know it’, they say… I suppose I can only confirm. The course was long, the weeds prolific, and my hands not prepared, but at least the tailwind into the finish made the final stretch feel breezy. I can’t imagine a better (or more intense) goodbye to the single I have enjoyed so many races with over the past two years! To top it off, I got our club a course record for the women’s lightweight single in a time of 4:26:28, which also made me the fastest female crew of the day. Thanks to Boston Rowing Club for the great organisation and atmosphere, and for creating lightweight categories for this event!

Naomi Boston Marathon

Photo credit: David Dallas
Photo credit: David Dallas