Reading Town Regatta

Saturday 29th June 2019

Dev Squad gives women from across all colleges the opportunity to train with the OUWLRC team and receive excellent coaching. From technical outings in 8s, to learning how to skull without tasting Thames water, the Dev Squad rowers learned a lot over the course of a month.

After working to put together the best parts of each college’s rowing styles into one coherent race plan, the regatta was the perfect way for the Dev Squad Lightweight Women to demonstrate their training efforts. 19 women from across 12 colleges competed, and while there were not many trophies in hands, there were plenty of smiles on faces.

W8+ (Charlotte Green (c); Alive Evans (s); Stephanie Bruce-Smith; Ros Cooper; Lucie Ayliffe-Daly; Miriam Stricker; Sanne Van Den Berg; Eleanor Thomson, Xueer Zhou)
The W8 boat rowed over in their first heat into to the final. After an impressive effort, the Dev Squad 8 came second to Dublin University Ladies Boat Club.

W4+ (Annie Han (s); Rebecca Brimble; Kwok Cheung; Sasha Webb)
The scratch crew, having rowed together only once before, gave it everything they had in the midday sun, coming second to Bedford Girls School.

W4+ (Stephanie Bruce-Smith (s); Sanne Van Den Berg; Amy Hosking; Collette Lipp)
The Dev Squad four rowed over into the final, and raced against the OUWLRC Seniors and Bedford Girls School. The Seniors took first place, while the Dev Squad boat finished four lengths behind Bedford Girls School.

W2 (Rose Crosby (s); Alice Kerr)
The Dev Squad pair rowed over straight into the final against the OUWLRC Seniors and AB Severn BC. After a strong effort from all, the Senior boat finished first, with the Dev Sqaud boat finishing in second place, ⅔ of a length ahead of AB Severn BC who took 3rd place.

Race report by Becca Brimble