2020 Crew Announcements

We are excited to announce our crews for the 2020 Lightweight Boat Races, where we will race Cambridge on the Championship Course for the first time.

2020 Squad at MAA Boat Club

2020 Blue Boat:

Blue BoatCoxCharlotte LeeGreen TempletonCambridge (6 lengths)
StrokeClare LeckieSt Catherine's
7Emily HoogkamerLinacre
6Leah Mitchell (President)Balliol
5Amanda ThomasTrinity
4Sarah RobinsonWadham
3Anne-Fleur JanssenJesus
2Amy HoskingJesus
BowLaura BoddySt John's

2020 Reserve Boat:

TethysCoxClare CockerMagdalenOxford
StrokeEliza ArgyropoulosKeble
3Alice CaddockNew
2Lucie Ayliffe-DalyLincoln
BowMiriam StrickerWolfson

We look forward to seeing Oxford supporters in London in just under three weeks!