Racing at BRIC

First race as OUWLRC: alone, in my bedroom, on the erg. Not ideal. On Saturday, I was racing in the LW U23 2000m. After a slightly stressful weigh in, I started warming up. Even though the vibe wasn’t the same as a normal race day as soon as the starting sequence of Attention, Row flashed on the screen it felt like racing again. I had a race plan but did get a bit caught up in the excitement of seeing the distance between me and the other rowers. I settled into a rhythm, rate 34, pretty consistent splits, little bit of drift. 4th place through 500m. 4th place though 1000m. Into the last 500m, I was still in 4th place but only 7m behind 3rd place. It was time for the sprint. Started pushing the splits back down. I could see the distance to third place getting smaller and smaller and in the last 250m I just managed to move into 3rd place. Big wind in the last 250 to hit r45 and finish in 3rd place 0.8s ahead.

Sunday afternoon I was racing in the LW U23 500m. I felt pretty unprepared having done a lot less sprints. Didn’t really have much of a race plan. Just go hard. I went off and found myself in the lead 100m in. Then over the next 400m increased the distance between me and the other rowers to finish first 20m ahead.

Overall, 3rd, 1st and a place at World Rowing Indoor Champs, pretty chuffed.

Hazel Wake