Hazel at the World Indoor Rowing Championship

“Another race: alone, on the erg. After racing at BRIC in December I qualified to race at the World Rowing Indoor Championships. The first day was the 2k, I had a plan. Felt pretty good from the start then settled down onto the splits I’d planned. I went through the halfway mark in 5th place but pretty close with 5m between the athlete ahead of me and behind me. I planned to step it on but didn’t manage to and the splits started coming up. About 1200m in started to drop off more and got overtaken. Went through 1500m in 6th place. 1800m in got overtaken again, tried to save it in the sprint but didn’t manage it. Finished 7th in 7:40.1, pretty disappointed but still had another race to go.

Next day, 500m. 2k is pretty different to 5k but 500m is even more different. Didn’t really pay too much attention to my position in the race this time, just bashed it along at 45. The plan was just to go hard and try not to slow down too much. Splits started rising, strokes short so tried to length out with 150 to go. Dropped the rate down to 38 for a few strokes, then back up, bashing it along again. Finished the race in 5th place, a lot happier than the day before. :)”

Hazel Wake, St. Edmund Hall


The squad absolutely loved the opportunity to get excited watching some competitive rowing from one of our own this season!

‘Is there anything this girl can’t do’

‘Another challenge, another victory!!’

Hazel Wake, OUWLRC, Bottom left corner