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Happy 30th Anniversary to OUWLRC

OUWLRC 30th Anniversary Boat Trip on 24th May, 2014

The year-long celebration of OUWRLC’s 30th year as a club continued on 24th May with an afternoon tea and boat trip down the Isis. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us back in Oxford for the event. It was a fun setting for the trip, as we were all sizing up the college crews gearing up for Summer Eights during our outing.

The day provided a nice retrospective as we listened to speakers from across each of the decades, with words of wisdom and inspiration from Nanda Pirie, Sally Hepburn, Steph Cullen, Rachel Abbott and Sophie Philbrick. We reflected back on lessons learned, what being a part of OUWLRC has meant to us and shared quite a few laughs together. 

Following the boat trip we enjoyed a cocktail reception and a lovely cake made by Aurélie Cuénod at the Vincent’s Club. And everyone went home with a special OUWLRC commemorative mug.

It continues to be a privilege and an honour to meet so many remarkable women, athletes and coaches who have helped to make OUWLRC what it is today. We’re grateful for our memories of our time rowing with the club and for our friendships and the strong bonds we have with one another. It’s exciting to see the club continue to grow and to build upon its successes year after year, this was really a celebration of the past, present and the future of the club. We should all be incredibly proud of where OUWLRC is today and we should ask ourselves how we can each continue to contribute and have a positive impact on the club in the years to come.

–Brooke Stevens


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