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Boat Race

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Other Results

Upper Thames Small Boats Head, 30 Oct

W IM2 4- no opposition, W Nov 4+ T/O

W IM1 4+ 7/7

W IM3 4+  5/12 and 11/12

W Nov 2x – 2/4 and 3/4

Pairs Head, 08 Oct

W IM3 Lwt 2x 6/8 in a time of 14:05.55

W IM1 2- 7/8 in a time of 15:07.94

Wallingford Long Distance Sculls, 01 Oct

W Nov 1x – 2nd and 3rd

Abingdon Head, 10 April

W Nov 1x, 2nd, 3rd, 5th
W IM3 1x 2nd, 3rd, 4th
W IM2 1x, 2nd

Potomac Cup, 10 April

Aimee Campbell, Jill Betts and Simone Paulsen competed in a composite with OUWBC at the Potomac Cup in Washington D.C. Won against Brock University (Canada), and lost in the final to Columbia University (USA).

BUCS Regatta 30 April, 2 May

Championship Lwt 4- – 4th

Reading Town Regatta 25 June

W IM3 8+ winner against Oxford Academicals and Reading RC

W Nov 1x second in final against Pangbourne RC and Cheltenham Ladies RC

Henley Women’s Regatta, 17-19 June

Intermediate Academic 8+, qualifed (Friday) and lost by 1 2/3L to University of East Anglia (Saturday)

Reading Amateur Regatta, 11-12 June

11 June, W Nov 8+ losing finalist
12 June, W Nov 8+ winner

British Championships, July

Lwt 2- – 2nd (Cynthia Eccles and Max Quel)