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Boat Race

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3 1/3 lengths




Other Results

Bristol Autumn Head

WIM 3 4+  – 1st (new course record) and 2nd of 7 crews

WIM3 8+ – 1st (tied course record) of 7 crews

WNov 2x – 1st (new course record) and 4th of 4 crews

WNov 4+ – 1st (new course record) of 4 crews

WNov 8+ – 1st (new course record) of 5 crews

Vesta Sculler’s Head of the River

WIM2 Lwt:

Rebecca Lane (1st)

Suzanne Cole (2nd)

Sophie Philbrick (3rd)

Lea Volpe (10th)

WIM3 Lwt:

Theresa Wildegger (7th)

Upper Thames Small Boats and Fours Head 27th October 2013

Congratulations to all who raced on Saturday in the blustery conditions!  Divisional results  below.

Division 1:

WIM2 4X 2nd of 4, WNOV 4+ 2nd and 3rd of 4, WIM3 8+ 2nd of 7, WIM2 2x 3rd of 6

Division 2:

WIM3 4X 1st of 1, WIM3 2X 1st and 8th of 8, WNOV 2X 1st, 5th and 6th of 6, WIM3 4+ 4th and 5th of 9