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BUCS Regatta, 2-4 May 2015

Lwt.8+: Jo Green/Hannah Farley/Ellie Backhouse/Hannah Lovell/Dani Edmunds/Harriet McCay/Jowita Mieszkowska/Megan Hamer, coxed by Ayesha Rasheed  – GOLD
Lwt.4-: Jo Green/Hannah Farley/Hannah Lovell /Jowita Mieszkowska – SILVER
Lwt.4x: Ellie Backhouse/Jo Green/Suzanne Cole/Hannah Farley – SILVER
IM.2-: Friederike Winter/Kate Erickson  – 4th
IM.lwt.1x and elite.lwt.1x: Kirstin Bilham and Ellie Backhouse – top half of B-finals, in the Intermediate and Championship events respectively.
Lwt.2-: Kirstin Bilham/Alba Pellaroque – 4th
IM.4+: Harriet McCay/Friederike Winter/Kate Erickson/Laure Bonfils, coex by Anna Corderoy – won their B-final in a field of over 45 crews (4th overall, based on time).

WEHORR (Tethys), 14 March 2015

Crew: Madde Briggs (cox), Friederike Winter, Helen Smith, Kirstin Bilham, Jowita Mieszkowska, Jojo Bowman, Laure Bonfils, Lucy Roberts and Alba Pellaroque

Performance: 62nd over 300 entries

GB Trials 2nd Assessment, Feb 2015

Ellie Backhouse – 2nd for U20s and 9th for U23s

Hannah Farley – 11th for U23

Wallingford Head of the River, 7 Dec 2014


‘OLW 2’ – 2nd (missing out on the pennant by less than 1.5secs), 6th fastest boat of the day

‘OLW 1’ –  4th

Vesta Scullers Head, 29 Nov 2014

Nov: Helen Smith – 1st

IM1.lwt: Jo Green finished – 2nd, 4th fastest female lwt scullers of the day

Elite.lwt: Ellie Backhouse – 3rd, 5th fastest female lwt scullers of the day

IM3.lwt: Kirstin Bilham – 3rd

IM1.lwt: Sarah Robinson – 6th

Time only: Hannah Farley – 11th fastest lwt woman of the day

Bristol Autumn Head, 16 Nov 2014

WIM3.4+: Megan Hamer/Jojo Bowman/Laure Bonfils/Hannah Lovell, coxed by Ayesha Rasheed –  1st, new course record and the fastest overall women’s crew

WIM2.8+: Sarah Robinson,/Jo Green/Fredereike Winter/Jojo Bowman/Hannah Lovell/Danielle Bishop/Harriet McKay/Megan Hamer, coxed by Stefany Wragg – 1st

WIM2.1x: Sarah Robinson – 1st

WNov.1x: Kirstin Bilham – 1st

GB Rowing Team 1st Assessment, 15/16 Nov 2014

2km ergo test:

Ellie Backhouse – 9th U23s (2nd U20)

Hannah Farley – 11th

5km time trial on the water, in singles:

Ellie Backhouse – 11th U23 (3rd U20)

Hannah Farley – 15th.

Upper Thames Autumn Head, 26 Oct 2014

IM3.2x: Hannah Farley/Harriet McCay – 1st

Nov.2x: Helen Smith/Kirstin Bilham – 1st

IM3.4+: Megan Hamer/Friederike Winter/Jojo Bowman/Hannah Lovell, coxed by Maddy Briggs – 1st

Nov.4+: Megan Hamer/Hannah Lovell/Helen Smith/Harriet McCay, coxed by Ayesha Rasheed – 1st

IM2.4x: Becky Lane/Jo Green/Ellie Backhouse/Sarah Robinson – 1st and fastest time of the day for any women’s boat.

IM1.4x – 1st

IM3.8+ – 2nd

Nov.4x – 2nd

IM3.4x – 6th.

British Senior Championship 2014

U23 Lwt.2x:

Becky Lane/Hannah Farley – 4th

Ellie Backhouse/Sarah Robinson – 5th

Lwt.4x: Becky Lane/Jo Green/Ellie Backhouse/Sarah Robinson – 2nd

Pairs Head, 4 Oct 2014

Elite Lwt.2x:

Becky Lane/Hannah Farley – 2nd

Ellie Backhouse/Sarah Robinson – 3rd


Jo Green/Nicky Huskens – 9th

Kate Erickson/Gabrielle Michotte – 10th


Wallingford Long Distance Sculls, 27 Sept 2014


IM3.1x: Ellie Backhouse – 2nd

IM2.1x: Nicky Huskens – 4th


Becky Lane – 5th

Gabrielle Michotte – 6th

Sarah Robinson – 9th


Kirstin Bilham – 3rd

Helen Smith – 4th


IM2.2x: Becky Lane/Hannah Farley – 3rd

IM1.2x: Ellie Backhouse/Sarah Robinson – 6th