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Race Reports: Blue Boat and Reserve Race (Tethys)

The Women’s Lightweight Reserve Boat Race was contested by two 4+ crews, and was won by Oxford, easily, in a time of 8:15.

NB: The 2018 Lightweight Boat Races took place at Eton Dorney, due to unsuitable racing conditions on the Henley stretch.

Other Results


BUCS 2018

  • LW8+ (2018 Blue Boat): 1st, Gold
  • LW2x (Naomi Holland/Amanda Thomas): 4th in A Final
  • LW1x (Ellie Watts, Grace Joel, Naomi Holland, Caitlin O’Brien, Amanda Thomas, Anneloes Hoff, Christina Turner)
  • W2x (Emily Hinson/Anneloes Hoff)
  • LW4x (Ellie Watts/Naomi Holland/Christina Turner/Amanda Thomas)
  • LW2- (Hannah Patel/Maline Meiske & Fiona Jamieson/Grace Hanna)
  • LW4- (Hannah Patel/Maline Meiske/Fiona Jamieson/Grace Hanna)


Met Regatta (3rd June)
  • LW1x: Amanda Thomas, Grace Joel, Caitlin O’Brien
  • W2-: Fiona Jamieson & Grace Hanna


Henley Women’s Regatta (22nd-24th June)

  • LW1x: Ellie Watts, Anneloes Hoff, Amanda Thomas
Reading Town & Visitors (30th June)
  • Tethys 4+: Jolet Mimpen/Emily Hinson/Naomi Holland/Amanda Thomas/Katherine Ferris
  • 1x: Emily Hinson, Caitlin O’Brien, Fiona Jamieson, Anneloes Hoff, Ellie Watts
  • 2x: Naomi Holland/Amanda Thomas (Win in Band 1)
  • Dev Squad: 4+, 8+(A), 8+(B)

EUSA 2018 (16-18th July)

  • LW1x (Ellie Watts): 6th in A Final
  • LW2x (Naomi Holland/Amanda Thomas): 4th in A Final

Full report on the racing at EUSA can be found here.

Molesey Regatta (21st July)
  • 1x: Oriane Grant, Fiona Jamieson (1st and 2nd respectively in Band 2)
  • 2x: Fiona Jamieson/Oriane Grant (1st in Band 3)
Henley Town & Visitors (4th August)
  • 1x: Amanda Thomas (1st in Band 3), Naomi Holland (1st in Band 4), Anneloes Hoff (2nd in Band 2), Oriane Grant (2nd in Band 4)
Warwick Regatta (18th August)
  • 1x: Naomi Hollant (1st, representing Warwick Boat Club)
Oxford City Regatta (18th-19th August)
  • 1x: Caitlin O’Brien (1st in Band 2)
  • 8+: Jolet Mimpen (three 1st place wins as cox for W8+ events with Green Templeton College Boat Club)



Full report on all Summer Racing can be found here.

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