Results 2018-2019


Boat Race

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Winning distance

Winning Time

2019 Oxford 2 1/2 lengths 6:28

Other Results

British Rowing Senior Championships 2018

  • LW 2x: Ellie Watts, Naomi Holland — 2nd placed Women’s LW 2x, Final ranking: 18th of all Women’s 2xs
  • LW U23 2x: Grace Joel, Oriane Grant — 5th placed Women’s U23 LW 2x, Final ranking: 24th of all Women’s 2xs
  • LW 2x: Amanda Thomas, Anneloes Hoff — 3rd placed Women’s LW 2x, Final ranking: 23rd of all Women’s 2xs
  • LW 4x: Ellie Watts, Naomi Holland, Grace Joel, Amanda Thomas — Winners of the Women’s Lightweight Quad, Final ranking: 13th in all W4xs
  • 8+: Jolet Mimpen (C), Fiona Jamieson, Brigitte Schmittlein, Emily Hinson, Grace Hanna, Leah Mitchell, Caitlin O’Brien, Katherine Ferris, Tuuli-Anna Huikuri — Winners of the Women’s 8+ University Shield (for non-HPP), Final ranking 13th in all W8+s

Full report from British Rowing Senior Championships can be found here.


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Upper Thames Autumn Head 2018

  • W4+: Morning division, placed 3rd of 6 crews
  • W2-: Morning division, placed 1st of 1 crew
  • W8+: Afternoon Division (Band 2) 2nd of 4 crews; Overall (band 1 and 2 combined) 5th of 8 crews

Head of the River Fours 2018

  • 4x: Ellie Watts/Naomi Holland/Oriane Grant/Amanda Thomas – 2nd place in Academic Championship 4x
  • 4+ (A): Charlotte Lee/Fiona Jamieson/Brigitte Schmittlein/Grace Joel/Caitlin O’Brien – 1st place in Academic Challenge 4+
  • 4+ (B): Jolet Mimpen/Emily Hinson/Grace Hanna/Anneloes Hoff/Katherine Ferris – 2nd place in Academic Challenge 4+
  • 4+ (C): Cal Shearer/Laura Boddy/Jane Ellis/Leah Mitchell/Tuuli-Anna Huikuri – 8th place in Academic Challenge 4+

GB Open Trials 2018/2019

  • U23 LW1x: Oriane Grant
  • LW1x: Naomi Holland & Ellie Watts

Full report from GB Open Trials can be found here.

Photo Credit: AllMarkOne