Results 2019-2020


Boat Race

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Winning distance

Winning Time

2020 Cambridge 6 lengths 23:24

First race on the Tideway course

Other Results

Upper Thames Autumn Head 2019

  • W4+ (A): 1st place (Open Academic)
  • W4+ (B): 2nd place (Open Academic)
  • W8+ (A): 5th place (Open Academic, Band 1)
  • W8+ (B): time only (Open Academic, Band 2)

Head of the River Fours 2019

  • W4+ (A): 1st place (Academic Challenge)
  • W4+ (B): 6th place (Academic Challenge)

Quinton Head 2019

  • W8+ (A): 2nd place (Intermediate Band 1)
  • W8+ (B): 1st place (Development Band)