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4 3/4 lengths




Other Results

Reading Town Regatta, June 29, 2013

WIM3 8+ (Development Squad) – 3rd by 1 length to winners Pangbourne College/Marlow

WIM2 2x – 2nd in heat by a canvas to Bromfield Acton-Boxborough BC, did not progress

WNov 1x – 1st in heat, 1st in final

Henley Women’s Regatta, June 21-23, 2013

Academic 8+, Time Trial – qualified, Preliminary Round beat Worcester, Quarter Final defeated by Reading University

Senior 4x, Time Trial – qualified, Preliminary Round defeated by Molesey

Senior Lwt 2x, No Time Trial, Quarter Final defeated by Wallingford

Academic 4+, Time Trial- did not qualify

BUCS Regatta, May 4-6, 2013

ChLW 2x Rollins/Eccles, B-Final winners

ChLW4- Cole/Cooper Sutton/Wildegger/Rollins,  Silver Medallists

IntLW 1x Hancock DNF, Eccles 4th in B-Final

ChLW2- Cole/Cooper Sutton, Bronze Medallists

IntW2x Volpe/Cuenod, 2nd in C-Final

IntW4+ Bourne/Wildegger/Angue/Warne/Henson, 3rd in B-Final

ChLW4x Rollins/Eccles/Viollet Papillon/Hancock, 4th in A-Final

The Henley Boat Races, March 24th 2013

Oxford beat Cambridge by 4 and ¾ lengths.

WeHORR, March 9th 2013

Tethys place 60th of 302 boats at WeHORR and are the 2nd fastest WIM1 University entry

Vesta Scullers Head, December 8th, 2012

W IM2 LWT Jessica Hudson, 3rd, 10th fastest woman of the day

WIM3 LWT Cynthia Eccles 5th, 59th of 113 women

 City of Bristol Autum Head Race, 18th November 2012

W IM2 8+, Winner, 1st of 3 boats, 4th fastest boat of the day

W IM3 8+ 2nd of 6 boats, 13th fastest boat of day

W Novice 1x (Eccles), Winner, new course record

Upper Thames Fours and Small Boats Head

Crews had wins in the W Nov 4+, WIM 3 4+, W IM3 2x and W Nov 2x.

Followed closely by solid races in the W IM2 4x, WIM2 2x, W Nov 4+ (2nd), W IM3 4+ (4th), and W Nov 2x (2nd and 3rd).

Wallingford Scullers Head Saturday September 29th

Jess Hudson – 2nd in Elite 1x and 5th fastest woman on the day

Katherine Rollins – 10th in Intermediate 2

Cynthia Eccles – 5th in Intermediate 3 and 5th in Novice

Emma Hodson – 24th in Intermediate 2 and 7th in Intermediate 3