Trial VIIIs 2021

Trial VIIIs Race Report- “Over”

By Rosie Thorogood

The OUWLRC Trial Eights took place on the 6th December, on the Tideway Boat Race Course. The two crews “Over” and “Under,” took each other on, racing down the challenging 6.8km course.

The day began with a briefing from the umpire, Matthew Holland, who also umpired the 2021 Women’s Lightweight Boat Race. Under won the coin toss and chose the Surrey Station, so Over were left to take the Middlesex Side. Conditions were looking fairly even for both sides, and unusually for the Tideway, there were stretches of flat water appearing along the course!

Out of the start, both crews fought to take the lead, with Under just nosing in front. They maintained the narrow gap up towards the first bend around Craven Cottage. Things were looking to get tight and exciting, however Over we’re unfortunate to clip a buoy coming round the bend, so were unable to make the final close in on the Under crew. However, the Over crew had a rapid reset and began fighting back on Under. Despite the Surrey station having the advantage into the Hammersmith Bridge bend, Over were really beginning to push back, and it was taking a gargantuan effort from Under to hold them off. The lead was maintained right from Hammersmith to Barnes Bridge with Over still pushing up and putting huge pressure on the leading crew. Coming out of Barnes Bridge and into the final stages of the race, both crews pushed hard and after another near-miss with a buoy, Over struggled to close the gap.

The final verdict was 3 lengths with Under taking the victory.

Trial VIIIs Boats Lined up at the Start in Putney












Victoria Fletcher

JoJo Blyth

Rosie Lynch

Katie Wellstead

Phoebe Mountain

Abby Robinson

Bessie O’Dell

Vicki Patel

Kathering Ferris (president)


Ines Raymen-Gomez

Helena Pickford

Harriet Thomas

Hazel Wake

Naomi Holland

Romy Williamson

Alice Doyle

Meg Chester

Rosie Thorogood