Coxing is about far more than merely controlling a rudder, spinning the boat in the right place and repeating rote phrases committed to memory.  It involves an ongoing combination of many skills:

  • a sound understanding of rowing technique;
  • the ability to assess and implement changes that will make the boat go faster, through calls and drills;
  • judgement and leadership;
  • empathy and diplomacy;
  • assertiveness and encouragement.

Everything a cox says in the boat needs to have a purpose and should generate a positive development, whether a technique change that improves crew cohesion or positive feedback that promotes or reinforces effective execution of a given command.  A good cox is a pilot, an on-board coach, a tactician and a psychologist – a vital member of the crew.

OUWLRC is always seeking enthusiastic coxes to join our squad.  Only basic experience is a pre- requisite, although senior coxes are of course welcome.  What is essential is a willingness to learn the skills that constitute a good cox, and a determination to acquire and expand those skills.

Our ongoing coxing development programme involves:

  • regular feedback from coaches and senior rowers;
  • recording and analysing the calls you make in training and in races;
  • real-time radio transmission of your calls to a coach who will be able to give you ‘on the spot’ coaching and advice;
  • tuition in what constitutes good rowing technique;
  • learning how to indentify faults and how to help the rowers correct them;
  • receiving advice from past and present coxes who have competed at many levels (university through to international);
  • the opportunity to learn many aspects of training methodology, physiology, scientific testing techniques and nutrition;
  • improving your coxing in a supportive, challenging and enjoyable environment.

If you’re interested in coxing with OUWLRC or would like more information, please get in touch with our .