OUWLRC’s fleet is continually expanding and currently comprises:

  • two Resolute eights
  • two coxed fours, one Swift, one Janousek
  • two coxless fours/quads one Stämpfli, one Hudson
  • two top of the range Hudson coxless pair/double scull
  • four coxless pairs/double sculls, two Janousek, two Swift and
  • seven single sculls, one Empacher, one Janousek, three Swift and two Hudson

Rowers with their own singles who are trialling with the squad are encouraged to bring them to Wallingford where they can be racked free of charge.


The squad rows from the new Fleming OUBC boathouse at Wallingford on the Thames.
On land the squad uses the OUBC gym at the Iffley Road sports centre, equipped with free weights, ergos, and rowing tank.

Training Camps

Training camps are an important part of our athlete development and race preparation. In 2009-10 we held a December long weekend camp at Marlow in Buckinghamshire, followed by our main training camp in early January at Lake Wimbleball in Somerset. For 2011-2012, and 2012-2013 we held our December training camps in Wallingford/Dorney and then went to Coimbra, Portugal in early January where we rowed on the Mondego River and at Montemor-o-Vehlo. The venue for these camps varies from year to year, and may be located in the UK or in western Europe, subject to available budget.

In addition, the Boat Race crew holds a residential training camp in Henley the week before the Boat Race.